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The Vienna Model on Anglo-American Legal English is offering courses on Legal English and the English and American Law Systems in order to help legal and language professionals and students develop special legal language skills that will enable them to be successful in an ever-demanding international legal environment. This is a unique opportunity to focus systematically on this issue with a set of lectures/courses that will allow you to develop excellence in this field.
The global importance of the English and American legal systems is indisputable and increasing. More and more contracts in continental Europe are concluded on the basis of Anglo- American law or at least the Anglo-American legal tradition, with its completely different legal principles. Additionally, Anglo-American law also influences other areas of law and its enforcement. Furthermore, the dominance of Anglo-American legal language has become a basic prerequisite for competent legal counselling and negotiation.
The Vienna Model on Anglo-American Legal English is a comprehensive curriculum for becoming a highly skilled lawyer-linguist in Anglo- American Legal English, a new hybrid area of legal and language expertise.


Provide evidence for:


  1. good introductory knowledge of Anglo-American law as well as
  2. your own (German/Austrian) law and capability of
  3. expressing yourself in Anglo-American Legal English
The Vienna Legal Language Proficiency Certificate (Vienna LLP) is a comprehensive law and language diploma designed to become a benchmark for English legal language proficiency above all in the German-speaking world. The Vienna LLP provides legal professionals with a tool that will enable them to be more successful on the legal market and in the business world. The Vienna LLP is based on an unparalleled concept, combining a standardized method of teaching at the intersection of law and language with a high standard of objectivity. It is therefore highly recommended for legal practitioners, but also for interpreters and translators.
Candidates must demonstrate knowledge of a wide range of fields of law in the United States as well as in the United Kingdom and in Austria, and show their capabilities in correctly applying Anglo-American Legal English used to describe legal concepts in their German-speaking jurisdiction.


Mondays, 6 pm to 8 pm, Vienna (1st district)
Depending on the situation the course may either be offered in hybrid form or online.

12 April 2021
Presentations 3 - US/English/Austrian(German) IP Law
19 April 2021
Presentations 4 - US/English/Austrian(German) Civil Procedure Law
26 April 2021
Presentations 5 - US/English/Austrian(German) Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) - Focus on Arbitration
03 May 2021
Presentations 6 - US/English/Austrian(German) Tort Law
10 May 2021
Presentations 7 - US/English/Austrian(German) Real Estate / Land Law
17 May 2021
Presentations 8 - US/English/Austrian(German) Labo(u)r Law
31 May 2021
Presentations 9 - US/English/Austrian(German) Family Law


2 September 2021
16 September 2021
The US Legal System & The English and US Legal Language
23 September 2021
The US Legal System & The English and US Legal Language
30 September 2021
The US Legal System & The English and US Legal Language
7 October 2021
Constitutional Law
14 October 2021
Contract Law
21 October 2021
Contract Law
28 October 2021
Contract Law
4 November 2021
Law on Business Organizations
11 November 2021
Law on Business Organizations
18 November 2021
Intellectual Property Law
25 November 2021
Civil Procedure Law
2 December 2021
ADR (focus on Arbitration)
9 December 2021
Tort Law
16 December 2021
Real Estate / Land Law
13 January 2022
Labo(u)r Law
20 January 2022
Family Law

number of participants: max. 30 persons
active class participation: 2 presentations per person
admission requirement: B2 level English
attendance fee: EUR 2,400 (incl. VAT)
- includes up to 17 course modules, 4 text books, examination fee for Vienna LLP (discounts available for members of sponsoring organizations)
information and registration:
Matthew Parry at

Academic Director

RA Prof. MMag. Franz J. Heidinger, LL.M. (Virginia) is a practicing lawyer and partner of the law firm Alix Frank Rechtsanwälte GmbH in Vienna, Austria, specializing in Austrian and cross-border contract and business law as well as arbitration. He is a lecturer at the Universities of Vienna and Graz Schools of Law and at various other academic institutions and professional associations. He has published several books in the field of English legal language.

Franz J. Heidinger is a court-appointed and certified interpreter for English and a shareholder of Translex Büro für juristische Fachübersetzungen GmbH. In 2016 he was elected Vice President of EULETA, the European Legal English Teachers‘ Association.


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