for instructors

for instructors

The Vienna Model

An adaptable system that will fit your needs!


The Vienna Model was developed for universities but private courses are also possible.

Wide scope of fields: today 19 fields of law are covered and the Vienna Model is always open for new additions

Adaptable in depth: The Vienna Model can be adjusted for any setting of teaching. From Legal Language 101 … to post-graduate LL.M. programs.

The Vienna Model is open for many ideas and will suit your needs!

Teaching the Vienna Model

What does the VM offer me as a teacher of legal language?


Cooperation with lecturers:


  • University: teaching assignments according to the method
  • Privately offered courses: “lecturer according to the method” (accredited lecturer)
    • License agreement required
    • Courses are eligible for waiver (written exam)
    • Future possibility: offering oral exam, exam centers


Quality control for admission to exam

Further development

The exam will continue to be developed and refined in order to meet the needs of the candidates as well as of the market.

Modifications may entail co-operations with universities, regulatory authorities and other academic institutions.

Get Involved!

If you are interested in ...


... becoming an accredited instructor / institution

... taking the Vienna LLP

... cooperating with us

Please contact us:

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